Yay! Local Triple Response Advertising Program

Yay! Local is a full service marketing company, and we have helped clients with numerous projects over the years including web design, internet marketing, printed advertising, radio, and more. However, the core of our services is our Triple Response Advertising Program. The bulk of our clients advertise through one or more of these three channels.

Direct Mail Booklet
Direct Mailer Coupon Booklet

Our direct mailer coupon booklets are exclusively for local businesses. They feature magazine quality, high-grade glossy paper and include customized artwork and coupons to create a call to action for clients’ businesses and ultimately drive revenue. Our booklets currently feature over 150 happy clients and go to 11 mailing zones of 20,000 homes each in the NC Triangle area. You can now open up your own zones in your local area or anywhere in the continental United States!

Digital Signage TV Network

Our TV Network features HDTVs placed in high visibility locations in the area. They broadcast quality motion graphics and live action video for that location’s announcements and promotions as well as the promotional videos of other local businesses. We also provide custom digital displays for menus, events, and other announcements. This system is a way for small business owners to support their communities and each other by increasing consumer exposure for all businesses on the network.

Digital Coupons
Mobile Coupon App

Our Mobile App brings our clients’ coupon deals, local event announcements, and a local business directory to all consumers in a very convenient app. This way, consumers will never leave home without your clients’ namesake being with them at all times. The app works on iPhone and Android devices, features downloadable coupons, gift card purchases, maps, and can be fully customized to your market.

Yay! Local
Direct Mail Booklet

Yay! Local's monthly coupon mailer has been promoting local businesses in Raleigh for over 12 years. Find out how it can help your business grow.

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Yay! Local
TV Network

Interested in Yay! Local's network of dynamic digital signage displays? Check out how you can influence hundreds of customers every day.

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Yay! Local
Digital Coupon App

Want to find out about Yay! Local's fantastic new app and digital coupons? Come see what they can do for your business and your customers.

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Our Goal Is To Exceed Your Expectations And Have 100% Client Satisfaction

To Achieve This We Promise:

• Our company and staff practice the highest level of business ethics, honesty, and equitable treatment. You will always be treated with respect and integrity.

• We do not disparage, denigrate, or spread any type of negative rumors about our competition— we let our clients' successes speak for themselves.

• Your ROI from our advertising will be as good as or better than any other advertising you have done.

• Your artwork will be the way you like it every month or we won't run it.

• We will respond to your requests or questions within 1 business day or less.

• We have USPS proof of mail to confirm 100% delivery every month.

• We support and contribute to our local community for our mutual prosperity and success.

Join the Exclusive Yay! Verified
Advertising Group!

From one local business to another, we strive to ensure the credibility of both our booklet and your business to bring consumers a promise of the best possible value. Being a Yay! Verified business means that you, too, work diligently to address customer concerns and maintain a standard of excellence. We use a variety of measures to ensure the quality of those featured within our booklet and app, such as examining ratings and reviews; and working closely with business owners to address any customer concerns, should they arise. This goes hand in hand with our mission to help foster a prosperous local economy and community. Talk to us about becoming Yay! Verified today!

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