The Hyperlocal Direct Mail Coupon Booklet, In-Store Digital TV Signage, and Mobile App Business Opportunity

We have a unique business opportunity for any motivated individual looking to make a great living working for themselves. Here at Yay! Local, we have 12 years of experience and marketing expertise that has allowed us to build the largest independent direct mailer in the North Carolina Triangle area. We pride ourselves on being a small business that assists other small businesses by providing them with quality advertising at an affordable price. We feel that by providing this service, we are not only helping these small business owners, we are helping our communities as well. We are offering you the opportunity to take advantage of our success by doing the same in your community! You can now become the owner of your very own “Triple Response Advertising” business with no up-front investment and no requirements on liquid assets or net worth. Other advertising publishers have startup costs that can cost up to six figures or more! We provide all the necessary tools and training to get you started towards an income of unlimited potential. It begins and ends with you!

What is Hyperlocal “Triple Response Advertising”?

Hyperlocal advertising targets a well-defined community of people and is used by local businesses in an attempt to drive revenue. We have put together and perfected three unique products and services after years of tedious trial and error research and development that have proven to be excellent for hyperlocal advertising. “Triple Response Advertising” is the synergy of three successful advertising mediums coming together to maximize the consumer response to your campaign.

Direct Mailer Coupon Booklet

Our direct mailer coupon booklets are exclusively for local businesses. They feature magazine quality, high-grade glossy paper and include customized artwork and coupons to create a call to action for clients’ businesses and ultimately drive revenue. Our booklets currently feature over 150 happy clients and go to 11 mailing zones of 20,000 homes each in the NC Triangle area. You can now open up your own zones in your local area or anywhere in the continental United States!

Digital Signage TV Network

Our TV Network features HDTVs placed in high visibility locations in the area. They broadcast quality motion graphics and live action video for that location’s announcements and promotions as well as the promotional videos of other local businesses. We also provide custom digital displays for menus, events and other announcements. This system is a way for small business owners to support their communities and each other by exposing fellow small businesses to many consumers on foot every day.

Mobile App

Our Mobile App brings our clients’ coupon deals, local event announcements, and a local business directory to all consumers in a very convenient app. This way, consumers will never leave home without your clients’ namesake being with them at all times. The app works on iPhone and Android devices, features downloadable coupons, gift card purchases, and can be fully customized to your market.

Hyperlocal “Triple Response Advertising” Business Opportunity

  • Support & Training

    We can use our experience and technology expertise to train you and then keep constant support and communication with you to ensure your success. With our complete business program, new licensees will have access to our print, technology, and software infrastructure and we provide everything you need from day one.

  • Potential Revenue

    The earnings potential here is endless! We have simplified everything for new licensees so all you have to focus on is selling advertising and managing client accounts. Everything that you make over production and distribution costs is yours to keep, so your level of commitment and dedication will ultimately decide your potential revenue.

  • What's Provided?

    • Training & Manuals for your success

    • A Unique, Proven Business Model

    • Sales Materials Customized for your area

    • Access to our printing and technology infrastructure

    • Complete control over your very own zone with exclusive rights

The “Triple Response Advertising” Opportunity

The Proven Model

Hold exclusive rights to a “Triple Response Advertising” zone while selling advertising, managing accounts, and making 100% of the revenue over production and distribution costs! Plus, we provide an training and manuals to ensure that your new business thrives!

The Local Advantage

We work exclusively with local businesses because our products are perfect for targeting local markets. Research shows that consumers prefer to shop at local businesses rather than larger national chains. This synchronization means high ROIs, happy clients and high earning potential!

Little To No Investment

The only required investment to get started is a customized Sales Kit for your zone’s target area. There are no upfront costs from us although, as with all business ventures, you will be responsible for your own initial expenses.

Unlimited Revenue Potential

There are NO caps to your potential earnings. You sell advertising space and manage your sold accounts and we take care of the rest. You truly get out of this opportunity what you put into it!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ? Where can I set up a zone?

    You can set up a “Triple Response Advertising” zone anywhere in the United States! However, we do look at certain demographic factors to verify that your location is suitable for a “Triple Response Advertising” zone.

  • ? Could I work successfully from home?

    You can work from home as much as you like, but selling advertising space in the program does require you to be out in the community selling ad space to local businesses with the majority of your time.

  • ? Are there costs to get started?

    Although there are no upfront costs from us, starting any new business will have associated costs that you are responsible for and must track yourself.

  • ? Is a business license required?

    The local requirements to starting any business will vary from location to location. As a current or future business owner, it would be wise for you to check with your local government to find your area’s specific policies on business license requirements.

  • ? What are the necessary qualifications for the ideal candidate?

    The ideal individual for this opportunity is an energetic, motivated go-getter who is proactive in driving revenue while also possessing the skills to provide a high level of customer service to their clientele base. They must also possess a proven track record in a sales environment.

    • Strong oral and written communication skills

    • Strong customer service skills

    • Possesses an ability organize, prioritize and manage time effectively

    • Have a strong, self-motivated work ethic

    • Carry themselves in a professional and positive manner at all times

    • Must have an up to date computer or laptop with Internet access and an up-to-date smart phone for things like taking credit card payments, keeping up with appointments, and demonstrating the features of the mobile app

    • A suitable location for a “Triple Response Advertising” zone

    • Reliable transportation

    • Full-Time Availability

  • ? How much can I earn through the "Triple Response Advertising" program?

    The earning potential is unlimited! Your level of dedication and commitment ultimately determines how much you will earn. Sell to prospective clients and manage your sold accounts and we do the rest for you! It’s that simple to earn a great living working for yourself!

  • ? Will I receive samples and other necessary sales items to start in my local territory?

    We will absolutely provide you with as many sample booklets and any other necessary resources that you need for you to get a successful start to your new business venture.

  • ? Is there a contract to sign?

    We will have you sign a basic agreement. This agreement lays out the terms and conditions, the responsibilities of all involved parties, and defines the boundaries of your marketing zone.

  • ? How long will my first booklet and mobile app take to produce?

    This time frame depends on many factors, but we provide you with 8-10 weeks to have your first direct mail coupon booklet ready to print. It is possible to get it off the ground in a shorter amount of time, but it really comes down to how much effort and the level of commitment that you put forth. Generally, we also try including all clients advertising in the booklet in the Mobile App for a monthly fee as well, so the app should launch about the same time that the booklet does.

  • ? How long does it take to put together a TV Network?

    This time frame is dependent upon many different factors. We provide 10-15 weeks to get the TV network up and running. This is dependent upon how much effort and dedication you put towards putting together a large enough base of customers to have enough locations to make an impact on the market. You also have to take the time, effort, and funds to produce your clients' professionally designed digital signage commercials to cycle on these local TVs.

  • ? Can I work another job while doing this?

    In order to ensure your success, we ask that you do not have any major obligations as this could be a liability to the development of your “Triple Response Advertising” zones.

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