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The premium mailer exclusively for local businesses

Over 12 years of our clients' success have made us the largest independent mailer in the area, reaching 220,000 HOMES EVERY MONTH

Yay! Local Is Your Best Choice In Local Advertising
Here's Why:


By repeatedly delivering above average results, we have attained a loyalty rate of over 95% and have consistently grown over the last 12 years.


We mail to the best quality households by targeting the mid to highest income homes in each zone to get the best results.


Our booklets' higher quality glossy paper and upscale graphics are unlike anything else in the market. This makes them more attractive so more consumers open them, giving them longer life and greater response.


Our covers are customized for every zone, every month to make them hyper-local, getting greater open rates —we can feature your business on the cover!

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By The Numbers


of consumers open direct mail and go through EVERY INSERT


prefer direct mail for buying information; it is PERMANENT and has LONGEVITY


of Americans prefer local businesses, and we are the ONLY TRULY LOCAL booklet


LOCAL COUPONS in the Yay! Local Booklet; no national brands or filler

Direct Mail Booklet

Our Better Booklet Format

In April 2016, we switched from a coupon envelope to a coupon booklet. This booklet format is exclusive to us! Each coupon gets its own page, giving you plenty of space to make an impression. The cover is thicker and glossy to protect the coupons, making the booklet more portable and consumer friendly than ever. The booklet also has perforated pages, which makes it easy to tear out coupons when needed. The increased convenience, durability, and portability let consumers keep using the booklet over and over again, and has increased redemptions by up to 20% compared to our previous format.

Yay! Local Direct Mail Zones Map

Each of our eleven mailing zones contains 20,000 homes. Click on the map to see more detailed information for each zone, such as median income and included zipcodes.

Please note this map is an approximation of our mailing areas. Since our zones are based on postal routes, the boundries may change slightly each month. If you have questions please call us.

Yay! Local Monthly Mailer Dates & Deadlines

The following calendar lists the artwork deadlines and in-home dates for the Yay! Local Booklet. Please note that there might be slight variations in the in-home dates depending on postal carrier delivery schedules. If you have questions please call us.

Booklet Dimensions & Artwork Specifications

The Yay! Local coupon booklet measures 8 5/8 inches wide and 3 5/8 inches tall (8.625" x 3.625"). Interior pages have a 1/4 inch white border on all sides. Your ad can be a single page, or a double-sided page. You can also reinforce your page in the booklet with a Cover ad. Spaces are available on the Front Cover, Inside Front Cover, Back Cover, and Inside Back Cover. Let us know if you're interested in advertising on one of our covers.

Our talented design team is happy to create artwork for your page in the booklet, but if you would prefer to create yourself, here's what we need:

• Image Size: 8 1/8" x 3 1/8" (8.125" x 3.125")
• Print-Ready PDF (Images at least 300dpi)
• Sent to Before Artwork Deadline
Yay! Local Booklet Dimensions

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