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Influence Hundreds of Customers Every Day!

Our partnership with local restaurants, companies, and offices allows local businesses to market themselves to new clientele using DYNAMIC DIGITAL SIGNAGE

Why Use Yay! Local TV Network?


Grab the attention of consumers who are out and available to make spontaneous purchases


Messages displayed on Yay! Local TV can be personalized according to your customers' needs to create strong relationships


Flexible and able to keep pace with changing situations, like a restaurant that wants to draw in a lunch crowd


We can send new messages that are created and displayed in seconds; the faster your advertising starts working for you, the faster you see a return!

Yay! Local TV & Digital Signage Services

Stream your motion graphic ads in multiple locations

Announce upcoming events, schedules, and daily updates

Promote add-on items, sales, and special pricing

Display digital menu boards, signs, and information

Inform customers about contests and promotions

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Stronger Impact With Motion Graphics

Nothing compares with a visual of your product or service, and Motion Graphics generate more interest than stationary images. Our digital signage is dynamic and uses animation and HD Video to present your product or service, gathering attention and promoting your business to hundreds of viewers every day.

Our team will create a personalized ad that will appear on a network of high-definition LCD displays in different high-traffic locations among our partnership of restaurants, companies, stores, and offices.

Yay Local TV Network
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An Effective Digital Advertising Tool

Dynamic Digital Signage

A network of TVs placed in businesses featuring your local advertising

A New Way to Advertise

Reach more customers where they are, while they are in shopping mode

Visual Branding

Increase your visual branding, which creates a lasting impression and reinforces your other advertising

Captivate Your Audience

Customers can't avoid watching your ad, and make purchase decisions based on what they see

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